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Huntington Archery Club
P.O. Box 1172, Barboursville, WV. 25504 
Phone# Indoor Range 304-523-4935 
Phone# Outdoor Range 304-743-0496 
Public    Barboursville Archery 
Sleepy Creek Sports
500 Windsor Lane, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411 
Phone# 304-261-5865 
Hours of Operation: W,T,F,S,S daylight  
Public    Berkeley Springs Outdoor Pistol (Personal Protection), Trap, Sporting Clays 
White Horse Firearms and Outdoor Education Center
Rt. 1, Box 272-2, Buckhannon, WV 26201 
Phone# 304-623-6093 
Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun; 9 AM - 5 PM 
Public    Buckhannon Outdoor Pistol (25 & 50 yd), Outdoor Rifle (100 to 1000) 
Beckley Gun Club
West Whitby R, Cool Ridge, WV 25801 
Phone# 304-255-5334 
  Private  Cool Ridge Outdoor Pistol (25 yds), Outdoor Rifle (100 - 500 yds), Pistol Silhouette, Trap, Skeet 
Poca River Recreation Club
P.O. Box 7367, Cross Lanes, WV 25356 
Phone# 304-776-9809 
Public    Cross Lanes Outdoor Pistol (300 Yds), Outdoor Rifle (300 yds), Sporting Clays 
Putnam County Gun Club
P.O. Box 334, Eleanor, WV 25070 
Phone# (304)586-3116 
Phone# 304 346-9746 
Phone# 304 776-1950 
Public    Eleanor Outdoor Pistol (50 yds), Outdoor Rifle (300 yds), Rifle Silhouette, Pistol Silhouette, Muzzleloading 
West Virginia Sportsman & Firearms Assoc.
Rt. 310 to Hammond Rd., Fairmont, WV 26555 
Phone# n/a 
Public    Fairmont Outdoor Pistol (3,25,40 m, 50 ft.), Outdoor Rifle (50, 75, 100, 200 meters), Rifle Silhouette, Pistol Silhouette, Muzzleloading, Trap, Skeet 
Harry Jones Memorial 1000yd. Range
Route 15, Miracle Run Road, Fairview, WV 26570 
Phone# 304-363-2361 
  Private   Fairview Outdoor Pistol, Outdoor Rifle (1000yds.), Muzzleloading 
Phone# 888-201-5444 
  Private   FRAIZERSBOTTOM Rifle Silhouette, Pistol Silhouette, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays 
Westlance Arms Training Center
1119 Tally Ho Lane, Hedgesville, WV 25427 
Phone# 304-754-7100 
Hours of Operation: 10am-5pm 
Public    Hedgesville Outdoor Pistol (50ft), Outdoor Rifle (50yds, 100yds) 
Jerry's Sporting Goods
Georgetown Road, Horner, WV 26372 
Phone# 304-452-8227 
Hours of Operation: 6am to 10pm 
Public    Horner Indoor Pistol (0-25yard), Indoor Rifle (0-25yd) 
Prospect Hall Shooting and Hunting Club
187 Brucetown Rd., Kearneysville, WV 25430 
Phone# 304-728-8213 
  Private  Kearneysville Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays 
Camp Alleghany Rifle Range
Stonehouse Rd., Lewisburg, WV 24901 
Phone# 304-645-1316 
  Private  Lewisburg Outdoor Pistol (50 ft), Outdoor Rifle (50 - 100 yds), Skeet 
Lumberport Rifle and Pistol Indoor Range
Nolans Run and Jones Run Road, Lumberport, WV 26235 
Phone# 304-592-0177 
  Private  Lumberport Indoor Pistol (50 Feet), Indoor Rifle (50 Feet) 
Savannah Lane Shooting Assn
P.O.Box 109, Maxwelton, WV 24957 
Phone# 304-646-8022 
Public     Maxwelton Outdoor Pistol (100 m), Outdoor Rifle (400 m) 
Marshall Co. Hunting & Fishing Club
Box 371, Moundsville, WV 26041 
Phone# 304-845-5966 
Public     Moundsville Outdoor Pistol (50 yds), Outdoor Rifle (250 yds), Rifle Silhouette, Muzzleloading, Trap, Airgun 
Mountain State Sportsmen's Association
Hoagland Run Road, Parkersburg, WV 26104 
Phone# (304) 464-5646 
Public     Parkersburg Pistol, Archery 
White Horse Firearms and Outdoor Education Center
Rt 20 South, Peeltree, WV 26330 
Phone# 304-623-6093 
Public     Peeltree Outdoor Pistol (50 Yards), Indoor Pistol (50 ft), Outdoor Rifle (600 Yards), Indoor Rifle (50 ft), Rifle Silhouette, Pistol Silhouette, Muzzleloading, Sporting Clays, Archery, Airgun 
Oak Flat Sport Ranges
Oak Flat Road Box 3, Reedsville, WV 26547 
Phone# 304-864-5309 
Public     Reedsville Outdoor Pistol (200meters), Indoor Pistol (50 ft), Outdoor Rifle (200 meters), Indoor Rifle (50 ft), Rifle Silhouette, Muzzleloading, Trap, Archery 
340 Defense Firing Range and Training
263 Berryville Pike, Rippon, WV 25441 
Phone# 304-728-2028 
Public    Rippon Outdoor Pistol, Outdoor Rifle 
The Bow Shop/ Lumberport Archery Club
209 Woodlawn Drive, Shinnston, WV 26431 
Phone# 304-622-8440 
Public    Shinnston Archery 
Roane County Gun Club
Tuckers Run Road, Spencer, WV 25276 
Phone# 304-927-9883 
  Private  Spencer Outdoor Pistol (0-20 yds), Outdoor Rifle (0-200 yds), Muzzleloading 
South Charleston F.O.P. Lodge #85 Shooting Range
Rt. 4 Box 61, St. Albans , WV 25177 
Phone# 304-746-8800 
  Private  St. Albans Outdoor Pistol (50 yds), Outdoor Rifle (100 yds), Muzzleloading, Sporting Clays, Archery, Airgun 
3 Miles N of McDonald's intersection, Summersville, WV 26651 
Phone# 304-872-2287 
Public    Summersville Outdoor Pistol (25, 50 yds), Outdoor Rifle (100, 200 yds) 
Mid-State Archers Club
Airport Road, Route 15 Sutton, WV 26601 
Phone# (304) 364-4110 
Phone# (304) 765-3197 
Public    Sutton Archery 
Upper Tract Sporting Clays
HC-60 Box 12-1, Upper Tract, WV 26866 
Phone# 304-358-7788 
Hours of Operation: By Appointment 
  Private  Upper Tract Sporting Clays 
Sportsman's Gun Club
5000 Poplar Fork Road, Winfield, WV 25213 
Phone# 304-757-9738 
Hours of Operation: Wednesday/Sunday 
Public    Winfield Archery, Rifle, Trap, Skeet 

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