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57 Garfield Street Unit #8, Saco, Maine 04072 
Phone# 207-281-2104 
Gordon Foster, Millee Tetrault & Vinny Mastracchio  Bear, Bobcat, Coyote, Deer, Moose, Rabit, Turkey, Whitetail Deer SPECIALS, Guided, Semi-Guided, Muzzleloaders, Rifle, IceFishing 
Allagash Guide Service
928 Allagash Rd, Allagash, ME 04774 
Phone# 207-398-3418 
Sean Lizotte, Kelley Lizotte  Bear, Bird, Grouse, Deer, Moose, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock SPECIALS, Guided, Unguided, Unguided Bear Hunt, Canoe Trips, Camping, Kayaking, Cabin Rentals, Upland Bird Hunt 
Arndt's Aroostook River Lodge & Campground
95 Parkhurst Siding Rd., Rt. 205, Presque Isle, ME 04769 
Phone# 207-764-8677 
Ken C Arndt   Bear, Black Bear, Grouse, Deer, Moose, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock Grouse, Ruffed Grouse ATV-ing, Snowmobile, Skiing, Cross-country skiing, Canoe Trips, Camping, Kayaking, Cabin Rentals, CANOE AND KAYAK RENTALS 
Black Eagle Outfitters
438 Maple Street Farmingdale, Maine 04344 
Phone# 207-629-9365 
Phone# 207-441-3875(Mobile) 
Joe Ciampa  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Moose, Turkey, Whitetail Deer Black Eagle Outfitters is located in Farmingdale Maine, in Southern Kennebec County. We have thousands of acres of private and public land available for hunting. We specialize in archery big game hunting for black bear, moose, whitetail deer and eastern turkey in Maine. 
Blackwater Outfitters
1670 Masardis RD Masardis,ME 04732 
Phone# 207-540-4101 
Dick and Melanie Cullins  Bear, Black Bear, Coyote, Moose ATV, Snowmobiling, Cabin Rental, ECOTOURISM 
Black Wing Guide Service
Fuller Road, Denmark, ME 04022  
Phone: (415)279-9858 
274 Jordan River Rd. Lamoine ME 04605 
Phone# 207-667-7421 
Dick Fennelly  Bear, Black Bear, Moose, Turkey Our primary hunting camp and remote camp are more typical of the traditional Maine hunting camp and do not offer electricity or running water but we think that the accommodations are comfortable and that you will enjoy their rustic nature and their setting on two beautiful bodies of water. 
Bulls, Bucks & Bears Guide Service
108 No Road Jackman, Maine 04945  
Phone: 207-592-6803 
P.O. Box 77 GRAND LAKE STREAM, ME 04637  
Phone# 888-796-2796 
Sean Lizotte, Kelley Lizotte  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock Cabin Renting 
Canoe the Wild
588 Us Rt. 1, Danforth, ME 04424  
Phone: 207-448-2743 
Carey Outfitters
PO Box 362, Rangeley, Maine 04970 
Phone# 207.864.2767 
Cedar Ridge Outfitters
3 Cedar Ridge Dr P.O. Box 744, Attean Rd. Jackman, Maine 04945 
Phone# 207-668- 4169 
Fax# 207-668-7636 
Hal and Debbie Blood  Black Bear, Bear, Coyote, Deer, Grouse, Moose, Snowshoe Hare, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock, Guide School Cedar Ridge Outfitters is a four season resort, open year round ** Rafting - Horseback Riding - Moose Watching - Rock Climbing - Fishing Swimming - Plane Rides - Hiking - Canoeing - Biking - 4-wheeling Snowmobiling - Snowshoeing - Cross Country Skiing 
Dillon's Gunsmoke Lodge
304 Stickney Hill Rd, Brownville, ME 04414 
Phone# 207-965-8875 
Phone# 800-794-3897 
Wayne Dillon  Black Bear, Bear, Coyote, Grouse, Hare, Deer, Moose, Partridge, Rabbit, Snowshoe Hare, Turkey, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock Preserve hunts also available for Elk, Red Stag, Fallow Deer and Buffalo ** FISHING ** Fly Fishing, Ice Fishing, Wildlife Photography - Family Vacation - Hiking - Canoeing, Snowmobiling - Cross Country Skiing - Snowshoeing  
Eagles Nest Guide Service
P.O. Box 275, Bucksport ME 04416 
Phone# 207-825-3486  
Phone# 207-356-5488 
Larry Bridges/ Judy Bridges  Black Bear, Bear, Deer, Moose, Whitetail Deer ATV, Camp Rental, Snowmobiling 
Fish River Lodge
316 Old Main Street • Eagle Lake, Maine 04739 
Phone# 207-444-5207 
Wayne and Tenley  Black Bear, Bear, Deer, Moose, Whitetail Deer, Upland Bird, Waterfowl HUNTING - FISHING - SNOWMOBILING - VACATIONS - PET FRIENDLY - Cabin Rental 
Foggy Mountain Guide Service
131 Ladd Road Sebec, ME 04481 
Phone# 207-564-3404 
Wayne Bosowicz   Black Bear, Bear, Fishing Main and Ontario hunting 
Four Peaks Guide Service
P.O Box 433, Kingfield, ME 04947  
Phone: 207-265-2075 
Great Pond Wilderness Lodge and Cabins
672 Main Rd. Eddington, ME 04428 
Phone# 207-745-6728 
Otis Godley  Black Bear, Bear, Deer, Grouse, Moose, Partridge, Pheasant, Ruffed Grouse, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock FISHING, Cabin Rental, Canoeing 
Hillside Guide Service
P.O. Box 21 Aurora, ME 04408 
Phone# 207-584-2004 
Fax# 207-584-5029 
Scott Beede   Black Bear, Bear, Bobcat, Buffalo, Deer, Fallow Deer, Elk, Red Stag, Russian Boar Game Ranch , Exotics 
Howard Bros. Guide Service
8 East St. Skowhegan, ME. 04976 
Phone# 207-474-4632 
Phone# 207-858-0498 
Shawn P. Howard  Black Bear, Bear, Deer, Moose, Waterfowl, Whitetail Deer Fishing 
Ktaadn Guide Service, Outfitter and Camps
74 Faloon road, Woodville, ME 04457  
Phone: 207-746-5871 
Lakeside Lodge
P.O. Box 257 Sinclair, ME 04779 
Phone# 207-543-7517 
Alex Cote   Deer, Grouse, Moose, Waterfowl, Whitetail Deer ATV, Snowmobiling, Canoe Renting, FISHING 
P.O. Box 254 Bethel ME 04217  
Phone: (207)745-8168 Dec. 1st thru April 30th 
Maine Experience
P.O. Box 824, Gardiner, Me. 04345 
Phone# 207-215-3828 
Jay Farris  Deer, Red Stag, Turkey, Whitetail Deer Fishing, Canoeing, Camping *** Black Lab Stud Services 
Maine Game Guide Service
26 Summer St. - Dover Foxcroft, Maine 04426 
Phone# 207-277-3077 
Phone# 207-944-0880(Mobile) 
Dennis G. Brawn Jr.  Black Bear, Bear, Coyote, Deer, Moose, Whitetail Deer Fishing 
Maine Guide & Outfitter Services
P.O. Box 33, Strong, ME 04983 
Phone# 1-877-WE-GUIDE 
Matthew Bailey/ Roger Lambert   Black Bear, Bear, Deer, Moose, Turkey, Upland Bird, Whitetail Deer Fly Fishing 
235 N POND RD ROME, MAINE 04963 
Phone# 207-397-2102 
Tony Giroux   Black Bear, Bear, Deer, Moose, Whitetail Deer Bowhunting, Shotgoun 
Meadowbrook Guide Service
126 Freeman Rd, South China, ME 04358  
Phone: 207-445-5640 
Mountain Ranger Guide Service
1094 Rte 2, Rumford, ME 04276  
Phone: 207-221-0798 
Munsungan Hunting and Fishing Club
P.O. Box 186 Washburn, Maine 04786 
Phone# 207-455-8411 
Phone# 207-592-8411 (Mobile) 
Jim Carter  Deer, Grouse, Moose, Upland Bird, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock Fishing - Canoes Renting - YOUR WELL BEHAVED DOGS ARE WELCOME 
Mt Chase Lodge
1517 Shin Pond Road Mt Chase, ME 04765 
Phone# 207-528-2183  
Fax# 207-528-2479 
Rick Hill  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Grouse, Whitetail Deer Fishing 
New England Outdoor Center
PO Box 669, Millinocket, ME 04462  
Phone: 800-766-7238 
North American Outdoor Adventure
P.O. Box 64, West Forks, ME 04985  
Phone: (207) 663-4472 
North Creek Guide Service
75 Farmview Lane, Freeport, ME 04032  
Phone: 207-831-2922 
Northeast Wilderness Outfitters
296 Cressey Road, Rangeley, ME 04259  
Phone: 207 933-6107 
Orion Outfitters and Guide Service
P.O. Box 614, Bethel, ME 04217 
Phone# 207-836-2099 
Phone# 603-401-1802 (Mobile) 
Ronald Fournier  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Coyote, Hare, Moose, Partridge, Snowshoe Hare, Whitetail Deer Fishing - Ice Fishing - Snowshoeing 
Outdoor Adventure Company
1250 West Main Street, Dover Foxcroft Maine 04426 
Phone# 207-564-0007 
Tom & Tracey Aasbo  Black Bear, Bear, Deer, Moose, Whitetail Deer Wilderness Adventure 
Oxbow Lodge
1208 Oxbow Road Oxbow, Maine 04764 
Phone# 207.435.6140 
Tom & Tracey Aasbo  Black Bear, Bear, Deer, Grouse, Moose, Upland Birds, Whitetail Deer The Oxbow Lodge is located in Northern Maine's Aroostook County. Since it's founding in 1903 by Will Atkins it has been providing quality hunting retreats for the adventurous sportsman. Our fully renovated facilities, professional staff and massive amount of hunting area combine to create one of the most successful outfitters located in the northeast.  
PB Guide Service
P.O. Box 307, Skowhegan, ME 04976  
Phone: 207-474-2644 
Ragged Lake Outfitters
T2 R13 Wels Ragged Lake, Maine  
Phone# 603.312.8532 
River To Ridge Guide Service
P.O. 654, Oquossoc, ME 04964 3953 Main St. Rangeley 
Phone# 207-864-2895 
Ross Lake Camps
PO Box 140, Ashland, ME 04732 
Phone# 603-320-3208 
Brett Damm  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Grouse, Moose, Ruffed Grouse, Showshoes, Whitetail Deer Ice/ Spring Fishing & Summer Vacation 
Smoldering Lake Outfitters
129 Snow Road, Bridgewater, ME 04735  
Phone# 207-429-0910 
Dave Hentosh   Black Bear, Bear, Canada Geese, Chukar, Grouse, Deer, Hungarian Partridge, Moose, Partridge, Pheasant, Ruffed Grouse, Sea Duck, Whitetail Deer ** Plentiful Moose and Black bear populations along with elusive large bodied norhern White tailed deer, offer big game hunters a spectacular outdoor experience. Famed ruffed grouse, woodcock, Sea ducks, migrating Canada geese and ducks, combined with pheasant, chukar, and hungarian partridge on our property, provide unparralleled wingshooting opportunies ** 
Southern Maine Guide Service
474 Cramm Road - Parsonsfield, ME 04047  
Phone: 207-793-2652 
Spruce Mountain Lodge
20 Windy Hill Lane Thorndike, ME 04986  
Phone# 207-948-2908 
Stony Brook Outfitters
55 Morrison Hill Rd, Wilton, ME 04294  
Phone: 800-322-2327 
Sunrise Ridge Guide Service
PO Box 435 Bingham, Maine 04920 
Phone# 207-672-5551 
Phone# 877-353-CAMP 
  Black Bear, Bear, Coyote, Deer, Rabbit, Whitetail Deer ATV, Snowmobiling, Lodging-Cabin Rentals, Fishing, Lake Cruising, and Outdoor Vacations 
Sunset Ridge Outfitters
P.O. Box 527 - Howland, Maine 04448 
Phone# 207-266-1306 
Ben Pinkham  Black Bear, Bear, Buffalo, Deer, Elk, Red Deer, Whitetail Deer Isn't it time that you got away?...... to have a good time, eat well, sleep well, hunt hard and enjoy the great outdoors. Don't wait....there's no time like the present. 
The Last Resort
PO Box 777 Jackman, Maine 04945 
Phone# 207-668-5091 
Tim & Ellen Casey  Deer, Upland Bird, Whitetail Deer Nestled among our 70 acres of spruce, cedar, pine and birch trees are eight rustic log cabins and four primitive tent sites. They are set on our 1/2 mile shore frontage of Long Pond, a nine mile long lake which is fed by the Moose River on the west and once again becomes the Moose River on the east. The Last Resort cove is shallow, safe for children, and an excellent attraction for the many moose, deer, otters, ospreys, loons, herons, and bald eagles that can be seen from your cabin porch. If you love the outdoors, this is the place to be.  
Traditions Guide Service
20 Davis Lane, Shapleigh, Maine 04076 
Phone# 207-636-3446 
Phone# 207-432-7574 (Mobile) 
Capt. Troy Fields  Deer, Duck, Rabbit,Sea Duck, Turkey, Whitetail Deer FISHING, Camp Rental 
W & W Guide Service
6 Huntress Ave, Westbrook, ME 04092  
Phone# 207-636-3446 
Phone# (207) 891-7715 

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