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Hunting Dog. Origin: Germany. Field sports dog and family pet with very high activity. 1926 arrived in the United States. German Shorthaired Pointers are generally unsuited for city life, they need activity that only a hunter could provide. A house with a fenced yard is mandatory. Very friendly, intelligent, and willing to please. The first impression is that of a keen enthusiasm for work without indication of nervous or flightly character. Prefer to live with people and should not be left alone.



Name: Gefleckt German Pointers

In 1994 , we made a decision that we were ready to add a puppy to our family. We are purchased of our first GSP, Brownhunt Diamond Rose - Brandy, our journey into the world of dog showing began in earnest and our love of the breed was firmly established.


Name: Hunterspride German Pointers

We are a small kennel located in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. We breed with health, temperament and conformation being our main concerns. We strive for a well rounded dog. Occasionally we have quality puppies available to quality homes.


Name: Seadrift German Pointers

Small breeding program located in Campbell River, BC, Canada. I have been involved with GSP's for over 16 years. My standards are very high as is the quality of my dogs.

USA - Alabama

Name: Liebmeister Kennels

Debbie has been involved with German Shorthaired Pointers since 1976, her first breeding in 1979 produced Three champions, including the Number One dog in the country. Since that time on a limited breeding program she has produced over 35 show champions, which include many top 10 dogs, Multiple Best of Breed Winners, Group Winners, and Specialty Show Winners.

USA - California

Name: Minado

Our dogs are Hunted, Trialed, Shown, housedogs. We believe in the GSP that looks good and can hunt too.

USA - Maryland

Name: Shomberg GSP

We are committed to owning, breeding and loving them in a way that will perpetuate and entrust the breed to a future where others can enjoy and love them as much as we do. We enjoy a national reputation for producing shorthairs that are equally at home in a field of pheasants or in the arms of a child.

USA - Missouri


There are many wonderful GSP and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in rescue waiting to find the right family!

USA - Montana

Name: Lazy Hearts Kennel

Lazy Hearts dogs turn heads from the show ring to the field with their beauty. People that make their dogs part of their lives are the owners I look for in placing my pups.

USA - North Carolina


All of our dogs come with a gaurantee of superior hunting ability and make wonderful family companions.They also come with a lifetime of guidance & Friendship .The dogs bred and owned by Fieldfine are some of the finest examples of the breed today

USA - Oklahoma

Name: Prairie GSP

Dedicated to the preservation of the versatile German Shorthair Pointer focusing on producing dogs with a sound temperament that are conformationally correct and possess intense hunting instincts and natural ability. Our dogs are biddable, loyal, and affectionate companions whose intelligence and obedient nature makes them a pleasurable addition to your family.

USA - Pennsylvania


Offers high quality field bred gundogs and puppies, dog training seminars.

USA - Texas

Name: Southwind German Shorthaired Pointers

Produce sound and versatile GSP's that are loving family members with the ability to work/compete in the field, obedience, conformation, or in any activity.
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