French Brittany Dog

Club: International French Brittany Club of America




Hunting Dog. The United Kennel Club is the only registry in the USA that has separated the French and American brittanys into separate breeds and maintains a separate registry for each, which insures the Epagneul Breton lineage. The name does not imply that all French brittany dogs are from France, but is simply what the Epagneul breton has become commonly known as in the USA. It actually denotes "of European decent". The Brittany personality which shows a zest in general and for hunting in particular. French brittanys are energetic yet calm, they are a dog which prefers to be in their master's companionship and thrive best in an atmosphere where they are included within the home at least on a part time basis. He is affectionate and loyal, he'll put in a whole day's hunt no matter the weather, his energy seemingly bottomless, yet ease calmly right into the home without disrupting the household. With his compact stature, he is light and quick on his feet, which perhaps is what gives him such endurance. A French brittany is an easy dog to train. The French brittany is a dog that quarters open ground about 50-100 yards on average either side of his handler depending upon the cover and scarcity of birds.


USA - South Dakota


Plum Creek Kennels is an ORVIS Endorsed Breeding and Training kennel and is proud to be a part of the ORVIS Endorsed Hunting Dog Program! Plum Creek hunts and breeds the French Brittany - internationally known as the Epagneul Breton - a close working bird dog, calm yet energetic, with a fantastic nose and uncanny bird sense.
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