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Name: American Kennel Club

Largest association of dog clubs and registry of purebred dogs.
Name: Bird Dog Foundation, Inc.

Dedicated to preserving the past and protecting the future for sporting dog fanciers the world over.
Name: Hunting Retriever Club, Inc.

"...the betterment of Hunting Retrievers as a whole and to influence the breeding and training of a better and finer Hunting Retriever; to provide hunters and Hunting Retrievers a series of actual Hunting tests in a controlled system and furnish an ongoing educational program for the Hunters, for their training, experience, and sporting competition. Further, it is the purpose of this Association to support and protect the inherent rights of its members to own, hunt, bear arms, to promote the breed and type of dog of their choice and promote complimentary conservation and management of game birds and wildlife species commonly pursued by the members of the Hunting Retriever Club, Inc."
Name: National Shoot-to-Retrieve Field Trial Association

NSTRA sanctioned Field Trials are open to all pointing breed dogs and are conducted under conditions closely resembling actual wild bird hunting. They are conducted by clubs and individuals throughout the country.
Name: North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

Nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to foster, promote, and improve the versatile hunting dog breeds in North America; to conserve game by using well trained reliable hunting dogs before and after the shot; and to aid in the prevention of cruelty to animals by discouraging nonselective and uncontrolled breeding, which produces unwanted and uncared for dogs
Name: Pikes Peak Retriever Club

The club is affiliated with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and is a member of the National Retriever Club, National Amateur Retriever Club, and the Master National Retriever Club.
Name: Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America

The Griffon (Wirehaired Pointing Griffon) is one of the wirehaired, versatile hunting dog breeds. According to Griffon, Gun Dog Supreme, "The real truth is the well-bred Griffon is a practical, wire-coated, versatile hunting dog for the on foot hunter.

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