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Adairs Wilderness Lodge
900 Creek Rd. Sussex, NB. E4E 5R9  
Telephone: (506) 432-6687 
Auberge Miramichi Inn
P O Box 331, Red Bank, NB, E9E 2P3, Canada  
Phone# 506-836-7452 
Fax# 506-836-7805 
Andrť Godin  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Grouse, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock ** FISHING ** Archery** Clay Shooting  
Aspen Adventures
2476 Sunset Drive Bathurst, N.B., Canada, E2A 7K8  
Phone# 506-548-5869 
Fax# (506) 545-7319 
Roy Logan  Bear, Black Bear  
Atlantic Adventures Outfitters
267 Deadmans Harbour Road Blacks Harbour, NB E5H 1J2  
Telephone: (506)456-2604 
Atlantic Riverside Lodge
85 Hambrook Point Rd. Renous ,NB E9E 2C1  
Telephone: (506)362-9082 
Bear Paw Outfitters
P.O.Box 451 Bathurst, NB, Canada E2A 3Z4 
Phone# (506) 548-5157 
Mike Roy  Bear, Black Bear, Grouse, Moose, Rabbit ** Archery **  
Bears Lair
3349 Route 385 Riley Brook , NB E7G 3J8  
Telephone: (506) 356-8351 
Big Paw Outfitters
181 Noel St. Moncton, NB E4G 8V6  
Telephone: (506) 855-4974  
Black Bear Lodge
5619 Rte 105 Mills Cove, NB E4C 3E5 
Phone# 1 (800) 294-7555 
Phone# (506) 488-2244 
Fax# (506) 488-2068 
Gilbert Pelletier  Bear, Black Bear, Coyote, Deer, Duck, Geese, Grouse, Moose, Pheasant, Rabbit, Woodcock ** Archery ** FISHING **  
Black Spruce Lodge
2928 Route 420 West Matthews Settlement, Miramichi NB, Canada 
Phone# 506 855-1113 
Phone# 888 855-1113  
Fax# 506 382-1727 
53 McBeath Ave., Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, E1C 6Z2 
Phone# (506) 362-2608 (April- July) 
Phone# Charlie "Cell": (506) 874-0373 during days 
Charlie  Bear, Black Bear, Moose ** Archery, Shotgun **  
Carroll Road Outfitters
580 Shediac Rd. Moncton, NB E1A 2T1  
Telephone: (506) 857-9875 
Dave Winchester's Sporting Camps
381 Becaguimec South Branch Road Maplewood, NB E6E 1M9  
Telephone: (506) 325-8579 
Dyer's Hunting Lodge and Camps
P.O.Box 1094 Plaster Rock, NB, E7G 4G9, Canada 
Phone# 506 356-7106 (Danny)  
Phone# 506 356-2854 (Lawrence) 
Lawrence/ Danny  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Grouse, Moose, Waterfowl, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock ** Archery ** FISHING ** Shotgun  
Hanscome Outdoor Adventures
R.W. Hanscome 1 London St.  
Telephone: (506) 273-0070 or 273-6012 
Harts Lake Lodge
34 Drummond Road Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada, E5M 2W9  
Phone# (506) 488-2979 
Fax# (506) 488-2945 
Richard Hamilton   
Hendersonís Hunting Camps
R.R.#1 Hartland, NB E0J 1NO, Canada 
Phone# 506 375-4658 
Phone# 506 375-4389 
Clarence & Stephanie Walton   Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Moose, Rabbits, Small Game, Upland Birds, Varmint, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock ** Archery ** FISHING ** Canoein / Hiking / Birdwatching / Family Vacationing / Snowmobiling / Snowshoeing  
John's Paradise
14 Carlow Street Noonan, NB E3A 6Z6  
Telephone: (506) 450-9318 
Juniper Lodge Ltd.
Rodney Reed, 6251 Route 107 Juniper, NB E7L 1G2  
Telephone: (506) 246-5223 
Kelly's Sporting Lodge
271 Mazerolle Settlement Rd. Upper Kingsclear, NB E3E 1W2  
Cell: 506-461-3212  
Knoxford Lodge
4166 Rte. 560 Upper Knoxford, NB E7K 2S2  
Telephone: (506) 276-3274 
Lakeville Outfitters
44 Lockhart Rd. Lakeville, Westmorland Co., NB E1H 1P1  
Telephone: (506) 854-3553 
Malarkey Cabin Guiding Service
1132 Route 616 Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 2N9  
Telephone: (506) 363-2839 
MicMac Outfitters
445 Oak Haven Rd. St. Stephen, NB E3L 3S5  
Telephone: (506) 466-3915 
Miramichi Country Haven Lodge & Cabins
601 Route # 118 Gray Rapids, NB E9B 1G9  
Telephone: (877) 359-4665 (Toll Free) 
Moose Valley Outfitters
P.O. Box 124 Lark Harbour, NF, Canada, A0L 1H0 
Phone# (709)681-2115 
Fax# (709)681-2182 
Dean Macdonald  Bear, Black Bear, Caribou, Moose ** FISHING ** Archery, Shotgun  
Munson's Landing Lodge
91 McLean Crossroad Irishtown, NB E1H 1R7  
Telephone: (506) 389-8654 
Nerepis Lodge
14 Worlynn Cres, Nerepis - New Brunswick - Canada, E5K 3S4 
Phone# 506-757-8871 
Phone/ Mobile# 506-647-0631 
Fax# 506-757-8735 
Northern Outdoor Lodge
100 Mealey Road Pennfield, NB E5H 1T4  
Phone# (506) 456-2539 
North View Hunting & Fishing Lodge
P.O. Box 1132 Plaster Rock, NB E7G 4G9, Canada 
Phone# 506 356-7212 
Fax# 506 356-1800 
Wayne DeLeavey  Bear, Black Bear, Coyote, MIGRATORY BIRDS, Upland Birds, Wolf ** FISHING ** Archery, Shotgun  
Oak Mountain Lodge Outfitters
P.O. Box 925 Moncton, NB E1C 8N8  
Telephone: (506) 855-4131 (leave message) 
Shepody Pheasant Hunting Preserve
61 Dixson Road Harvey, Albert County, N.B. E4H 3P9, CANADA 
Phone# Office: 1-506-882-2667 
Phone# Lodge: 1-506-882-2427 
Fax# Fax: 506-882-2625 
Sunset Shan-Gri-La / Hunting & Fishing Lodge
28 Shan-Gri-La Lane, Doaktown, NB, Canada E9C 2N2 
Phone# (506) 365-7956 
Don and Joan Lyons  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Duck, Grouse, Moose, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock ** FISHING ** Archery, Shotgun  
Three Brooks Camp
85 Three Brooks Lane Anfield, NB E7G 3Z6  
Telephone : (506) 356-2245 
Trophy Safaris New Brunswick
709 East Scotch Settlement Rd. Belleisle Creek, NB E5P 1M7  
Telephone : Home (506) 485-1893, Lodge (506) 485-2656 
True North Outfitters
124 Brunswick Street St George, NB E5C 1A9  
Telephone : (506) 755-6393 
53 McBeath Ave., Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, E1C 6Z2 
Phone# (506) 362-2608 (April- July) 
Phone# Charlie "Cell": (506) 874-0373 during days 
Charlie  Bear, Black Bear, Moose ** Archery, Shotgun **  
Upper Oxbow Outdoor Adventures
Box 291 Red Bank,NB Canada, E9E 2P2  
Phone# 1-888-227-6100 
Fax# 506-622-7691 
Sean McGraw  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Duck, Grouse, Moose, Whitetail Deer, Woodcock ** FISHING ** Archery, Shotgun ** Father and Son/Daughter Program  
Upriver Outfitters
19 Bass River Rd. Bass River, NB E4T 1C3  
Telephone: (506) 785-4475 
White Pines Hunting Lodge
Box 571 Florenceville, NB E7L 1Y8  
Telephone: (506) 278-5645 
Wilson's Sporting Camps
# 23 Big Murphy Lane McNamee, NB E9C 2P6  
Telephone: (506) 365-7962 
Y & R Guides
234 rue Godin Beresford, NB E8K 1T7  
Telephone: (506) 548-3057 
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