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ACE Wilderness Guiding
Box 444 Woodlands, Manitoba, R0C 3H0, Canada  
Phone# (Summer):204-383-5628 
Art and Ellen Henry  Bear, Black Bear, Caribou, Deer, Duck, Geese, Goose, Migratory Game Bird, Moose, Upland Birds, Waterfowl, Whitetail Deer, Wolf ** FISHING ** Bed and Breakfast**  
Adrenaline Outfitters
7 Kimberly Bay Steinbach, MB, R5G 2G4, Canada  
Phone# 204-392-3337 
Russ Mehling  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Whitetail Deer ** ARCHERY ** Shotgun **  
Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge
Box 52091 Niakwa PO 313 Ste-Anne's Road, Winnipeg, MB, R2M 5P9 
Phone# 800-565-2595 
Phone# 204-237-5253 
Pit & Julie Turenne  Bear, Black Bear ** FISHING ** 
Bear Track Outfitters
2611 Knowles Ave. Winnipeg, MB, R2G 2K7, Canada  
Phone# 204-224-4873 
Ron Dare  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Duck, Geese, Upland Birds, Waterfowl, Whitetail Deer ** FISHING **  
Box 333 Riverton, Manitoba, Ca.R0C 2R0 
Phone# 204-378-5244 
Rick Eyolfson  Bear, Black Bear, Moose ** FISHING **  
Big Grass Outfitters
Box 417 Russell, Manitoba, R0J 1W0, Canada  
Phone# (204) 773-3686 
Judy Usunier  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Duck, Geese, Goose, Grizzly, Migratory Game Bird, Moose, Waterfowl ** Muzzleloader, Shootgun hunts**  
Birch Point Outfitters
27 Bruton Place Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R2N 2V8  
Phone# (204) 253-1725 
Erik Thienpondt  Bear, Black Bear, Upland Birds, Waterfowl ** FISHING **  
Birdtail Waterfowl Service
67 Brittany Drive Winnipeg Manitoba, R3R 3H1, Canada  
Phone# 204 294 2694 
Paul Conchatre  Duck, Geese, Goose, Upland Birds, Waterfowl ** Muzzleloader, Shootgun hunts**  
Black Duck Outfitters
6509 Carrie Lynn Ct Mt. Airy MD 21771 Canada  
Phone# Toll Free: 877-607-6014 
Fax# 240-745-3898 
Mobile# 240-372-1864 
Scott Barmby  Canada Geese, Canada Goose, Diving Ducks, Duck, Geese, Goose, Migratory Game Bird, Snow Geese, Puddle Ducks, Waterfowl ** The Manitoba duck and goose hunting season runs from the last week in September through the end of October. We plan to hunt until November 1st. After early November snows start, the birds are headed south. **  
Blue Lakes Resort/Blue Lake Outfitters
Box 364 Ile Des Chenes MB, ROA- OTO  
Phone# 204 - 480- 9393 
Arch  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Geese, Goose, Elk, Moose, Partridge, Whitetail Deer, Waterfowl ** FISHING **  
Bolton Lake Lodge & Outposts
36 Foxgrove Trail St. Andrews, MB, R1A 2T3, Canada 
Phone# 204-757-7442 
Trevor Dick  Bear, Black Bear ** FISHING **  
Borderland Waterfowl
Box 522 La Broquerie, Mb, R0A 0W0, Canada  
Phone# (Summer):204-424-9046  
Phone# (Winter):204-424-9046 
Anthony Stadnyk  Canada Geese, Canada Goose, Diving Ducks, Duck, Geese, Goose, Migratory Game Bird, Snow Geese, Puddle Ducks, Upland Birds, Waterfowl ** FISHING ** South East Manitoba boasts a migration of 400,000 to 500,000 Canada geese and 100's of thousands of ducks. Our area is home to multiple species of Waterfowl including: The Canada Goose, the Greater Canada Goose, the Lesser Canada Goose, Mallard, PinTail, Gadwell, Widgeon, Redhead Ducks, Canvasbacks, Blue-Winged Teal, Green-Winged Teal **  
D&O Soloway Outfitters
Box 142 - 319 Main Street Pine River, MB R0L 1M0, Canada  
Phone# 204-263-2643 
Debbie/ Orville Soloway  Black Bear, Bear, Upland Birds, Waterfowl, Wolf ** FISHING ** Hiking Snowmobiling **  
Golden Eagle Lodge
Box 649 St. Pierre Jolys, Manitoba, R0A 1V0, Canada  
Phone# 204-433-3924 
Jason Dyck  Black Bear, Bear, Moose, Wolf ** FISHING ** Hiking ** Canoeing **  
Grey Owl Outfitters
Box 146, Warren Manitoba, Canada  
Phone# (204)322-5385 
Fax# (204)322-5355 
Mobile# 240-372-1864 
Lyle MacMillan   Bear, Black Bear ** FISHING **  
Hastings Bros. Outfitters
Box 99 Bissett, Manitoba, Canada R0E 0J0 
Phone# 204-785-1711 
Tim and Donna Hastings  Bear, Black Bear, Waterfowl ** FISHING **  
Lea Meadow Outfitters
Box 146 Warren, Manitoba Canada  
Phone# (204)322-5385 
Lyle & Linda MacMillan  Bear, Black Bear, Canada Geese, Canada Goose, Cranes, Deer, Duck, Geese, Goose, Migratory Game Bird, Moose, Waterfowl, Whitetail Deer, Wolf ** FISHING ** Canadian wilderness hunts that include northern Manitoba hunts for moose, bear, & wolf which include fishing for northern pike and walleye. ** We also have Manitoba hunts in the Interlake area of south central Manitoba where we have Manitoba whitetail hunts & Manitoba waterfowl hunts for geese, ducks, & cranes.We also offer catfish fishing on the Red River north of Winnipeg. 
Mountain Oak Outfitters
Box 625 Ste Rose, Manitoba, Canada, R0L 1S0 
Phone# 204 - 732 - 2483 
Blair Hopfner & Rhonda Sweetman  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Whitetail Deer ** Rifle, Bow or Black Powder **  
Pinecone Outfitters
Box 36, RR 2, Group 10 Lorette, Manitoba, Canada, R0A 0Y0 
Phone# (204) 878-HUNT  
Marc and Lise Lepine  Bear, Black Bear, Canada Geese, Canada Goose, Duck, Geese, Goose, Migratory Game Bird, Waterfowl  
Sclater River Outfitters
846 Addis Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R2V 4S3 
Phone# 204-334-8729 
Brian Keen  Bear, Black Bear * Full service black bear outfitter, offering 6 day hunts, Rifle, Black powder and bow **  
Skyline Adventures
Box 116 Oakburn, Manitoba Canada R0J 1L0 
Phone# 204-859-3096 
Riverside Lodge
PO Box 28 Duck Bay, Manitoba, Canada, R0L 0N0 
Phone# 866-214-8402 
Gildas Paradis  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Duck, Geese, Goose, Waterfowl, Whitetail Deer ** ARCHERY ** SHOTGUN ** FISHING  
Wellman Lake Lodge Inc.
Box 249 Minitonas, MB, R0L 1G0 
Phone# 204-525-4422 
Alvin & Linda Wiebe  Bear, Black Bear, Deer, Moose, Upland Birds, Whitetail Deer * FISHING **  
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