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Advanced Taxidermy
Van Buren, AR 
Phone: 479-461-1825 
Van Buren, AR          
Afterlife for Wildlife Studio
134 Ouachita 149 Camden, Ar 71701 
Phone: 870-231-6777 
AfterLife Taxidermy
PO Box 92, Sheridan, Arkansas 72150 
Phone: 870-917-5711 
Sheridan Repair/ Tanning  Mounts/Mounting  MAMMALS/ Birds  Skins/ Hides/ Rugs  Wood Panels 
Herber Springs Shop and Showroom 909 Hwy 25b north Herber Springs,Ar. 72543 
Phone: (501)230-5540 
Herber Springs          
Bones Taxidermy
941 County Rd 479 Mountain Home, Arkansas, 72653 
Phone: (870) 425-2270 
Mountain Home          
Buck n Ducks Taxidermy
510 Bush st. Lake City AR. 72437 
Phone: 870-897-1313 
Lake City          
Caddo River Taxidermy
1644 Hwy 84 East Amity, AR 
Phone: (870) 342-5742 
Mastermounts Taxidermy
2343 Hwy. 277 E., Watson, Arkansas 71674 
Phone: 870-382-6273 
Pinchback Reproductions
2603- D Poloron Road, Jacksonville, AR 72076 
Phone: 501-580-8258 
Jacksonville Repair  Skulls    Reproductions   
Phone: 479-890-4909 
Taken Flight Taxidermy
232 E. Main St. Gentry, AR 72734 
Phone: 479-525-6165 
Gentry Repair/ Tanning  Mounts/Mounting/Skulls  MAMMALS/ Birds/ Fish  Skins  Wood Panels 
Wildlife Images Taxidermy
15021 Hwy 71 South Fort Smith, AR 72916 
Phone: (479) 996-3050 
Fort Smith Repair/ Tanning  Mounts/Mounting/Skulls  MAMMALS/ Birds/ Fish  Skins  Wood Panels 
Xtreme Taxidermy
1814 Hwy. 5, Romance, AR 72136 
Phone: 501-849-3353 

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