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5015 Addison Circle Suite 330 Addison, TX 75001 USA 
Phone# 469-449-2578 
Phone: 888-400-1988 
Algar Safris
Av. Amancio Alcorta 2939 (C1437HTE) Buenos Aires - Argentina 
Phone: 54-11-4912-7549 
Anuritay Ranch
Tel: 425-378-2819 
Argentina Dove Hunting
Phone: 011-54-352-142-1475 (Lodge) 
Argentina Ducks and Doves
R. Fournier 49, Rio Tercero, Cordoba 5850 Argentina 
Phone#011-54-9-3571-504178 (from USA) 
Argentina Expedition
Casilla Correo N. 5 suc 9/Buenos Aires Argentina 
Phone# 543777 462031 
Argentina Outfitters
Phone: 888-400-1988 
Argentina Wildwings
P.O. Box 26 - Santee, SC 29142 
Phone: 1-877-294-2622 
Argentina's Best Hunting
Phone# Cell: 01154.911.3475.1247 
Argentina Wingshooters
Cellphone +54-9 (351) 558 7085  
Argentine Adventure
Phone: +54 9 11 5007 4886 
Argentine BigHunting
Tel/Fax (54) 221 4828931 
Argentine Safaris
Tel-fax: +54-2954-459-109 
Burnt Pine -Travel
Phone# 404-457-6581 (USA) 
Caza y Safaris
Tel: (54-11) 4797-2291  
Cordoba Doves
Phone# 817 797 9020 (USA) 
CyC Outfitters Argentina Dove Hunting
Don Bosco 3692 #4, Colonia Caroya, Cordoba 5223, Argentina 
Phone# 703-349-6846 
Ignacio "Nacho" Castro  Dove, Pigeon IMAGINE ... A beautiful, unspoiled landscape featuring uncrowded vistas. A comfortable, temperate climate. A land of friendly, gracious people. Wonderful hospitality. Savory, abundant cuisine enjoyed with tantalizingly delicious Argentina wines. And the wingshooting? Simply impossible to describe with mere words, but let us try.  
David Denies Wingshootings
Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3351 2nd Floor Office 228 | C1425CKM, Buenos Aires Argentina  
Phone. +5411 4801 1008 
Phone: 412-741-6710(USA) 
Fax: 412-741-6718(USA) 
David Denies  Dove, Pigeon David Denies was the first outfitter in Cordoba over 20 years ago, and he virtually pioneered high volume dove shooting in the region, putting his flag into the ground and declaring the area the Dove Shooting Capitol of the World. 
Estancia Alicura
Phone: 54- 9-2944-562035 
Estancia Cortaderas
Phone# Cell: 01154.911.3475.1247 
Fernando M del Carill
Phone (54 11) 4773 - 4212 
Gaucho Lodge
5015 Addison Circle Suite 330 Addison, TX 75001 USA 
Phone# 469-449-2578 
Hambare Lodge
Phone# USA (011 54) 9 116 6183883 
International Adventure
308 Mikel • Maryland Heights, MO 63043 
Toll Free (877) 858-3481 
J.J Cacería
Phone: 00 54 9 351 3968469 
J & J Outfitters
Phone: (850)907-0075 
Jorge A. Robles Safaris
Phone# 5411 4743-5665 
La Camila Lodge
Phone# 817 797 9020 (USA) 
La Colorada
Tel-fax: +54-2954-459-109 
Los Gauchos Outfitters
Phone# (800) 420-8707 Toll Free Los Gauchos 
Los Ombues
Phone: 54 11 4821-8504 
Luis Sier Outdoors
Phone# 011-54-9291-642-7596 
Maers & Goldman
Phone (54) 343 423-0381 
Outdoor Sports Consultants
Box 17, Cedar Mountain, NC 28718 USA 
Tel: 828-877-5148 
San Uberto
7Lavalle 1402 - Santiago del Estero - Argentina - C.P. 4200 
Phone# +54 9 385 4976045 
Phone# +54 9 385 4082080 
Phone# +54 9 385 4976047 (English speaking) 
Greg Anderson  Axis Deer, Blackbuck, Buffalo, Deer, Exotics, Fallow Deer, Mouflon, Red Stag, Salinas Sheep, Water Buffalo, Wild Boar, Wingshooting This ranch was specially built for hunting and it has a surface of 16,500 hectares of completely wild bush, where you will find all the native species, like the collared peccary, the white lipped peccary, the brocket deer, the puma, the multi horns, the wild goat, the scottish blackface, the wild lamb, the cimarron pig, the boar, the capybara,and other species that, for the moment are not allowed to hunt. It also has big fenced areas for exotic animals like the red stag, the axis deer, the fallow deer, the blackbuck, the moufflon and the water buffalo. 
Shotgun Safaris International
1443 County Line Rd. Oak Hill, FL 32759 
Phone: 321-403-7751 
Sier Safaris
Phone# 011-54-9291-642-7596 
Sierra Outfitters
Phone: 1-800-949-9083  
South American Adventure Safaris
Tel/Fax: 54-3492-504710  
South America Wingshooting
Phone: 734-709-1475 USA 
South Flight Outfitters
Tel/Fax: 011.54.911.6118.0886 
Phone# 54911.5376.2524 
1730 Bridle Court, York, SC 29745 USA 
Phone# (704) 905-2608 
TGB Outfitters
Av. Peron 2375 - Martindale CC, (1629) Pilar - Pcia. de Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA  
Phone# Alejandro Trigo: +54-9-11-40875724 
Phone# Lodge: +54-9-11-59405492 or +54-11-52770166 
Alejandro Trigo  Axis Deer, Blackbuck, Brockett Deer, Buffalo, Capybara, Deer, European Boar, Fallow Deer, Feral Goat, Goat, Hybrid Sheep, Mouflon, Multi Horn Sheep, Peccari, Puma, Red Stag, Sheep, Water Buffalo, Wild Boar Wingshooting, Waterfowl 
Trek International Safaris
P.O. Box 1305, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32004 USA 
Phone: International: 904-273-7800 
TS Buenos Aires Outfitter
JV Gonzales 863 Santa Rosa La Pampa Argentina 
Phone: 54 92 954 663 315 
Villa Hermosa
San Martín de Los Andes | Patagonia Argentina  
Phone# (54 11) 4302-3535 
  Red Deer, Stag, Wild Boar, Wild Sheep, Wild Goat, Puma, Mountain Lion Fishing, Fly Fishing, Catch and Release, Trout, Salmon 
Wild Pampa Safari
Av. Perón 3695 - (1644) Victoria - Pcia. Buenos Aires - Argentina 
Phone/fax : 00 54-11- 4725 - 4141 
Wingshooting Argentina
PO Box 201 Ivy, Virginia, 22903 USA 
Phone#888 - HUNT - WSA 

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