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Aguila Phone: (210) 695-4602
ATK Armament Systems 1-866-223-9388
ARM USA   Phone: (928) 854-2400 
A-Square Company Phone: 605-234-0500
Barnes Bullets Phone:Phone: 435-856-1000
Baschieri & Pellagri/USA  Phone: 1-800-683-0464
Berger Bullets Phone: 714-447-5456
Bitteroot Valley Ammo & Components Phone: 406-777-5670
Black Hills Ammunition Phone: (605) 348-5150
CB Bullets Phone: 207-632-1944
Chey - Cast Bullets Phone: 307 778-6636
Classic Shotshell Co. Phone: 570-553-1651
CORBON/GLASER  Phone: 1800-626-7266
Desperado Cowboy Bullets Phone: 1-866-4-Bullet
DoubleTap Ammunition  Phone: 1(866) 357-10MM
Dynamit Nobel  Phone: (+49) (0911) 7930-507
Estate Cartridge  Phone: 1-800-322-2342
GARDNERS CACHE' Phone: (708)862-5337 (M-F 10am-6pm C.S.T.)
Georgia Arms   Phone: 888-623-6861
Grizzly Cartridges  Phone:503-556-3006
Hawk Precision Bullets  Phone:856-299-2800
HEVI-Shot®  Phone: (541) 367-3522
Hornady Mfg. Co. Phone: 1-800-338-3220
Kent Cartridge  Phone: (888) 311-Kent (5368)
Leadheads Bullets Inc. Phone: (620)549-6475
Lewis Drake and Associates  Phone: (270) 753-7200
Lightfield Ammunition Corporation   Phone: (570) 784-6557
LuckyGunner   Phone: 800.317.9506
MAGNUS BULLETS  Phone: 256-420-8610
Magtech Ammunition  Phone: 1-800-466-7191
Missouri Bullet Company  Phone: 1-800-811-0548
Montana Bullet Works  Phone: 406-655-8163
Montana Gold Bullet Inc.  Phone: (800) 755-2717
Mt. Baldy Bullet Company  Phone: (307) 754-5255
Nosler Inc  Phone: 800-285-3701
Obsolete Ammo  Phone: 480-983-7078
Old Dominion Cartridge Company, Inc. Phone: 757-376-1908
OREGON TRAIL BULLET COMPANY  Phone: 1-800-811-0548
Penn Bullets  Phone: 1 412 767 4670
Polywad, Inc.  Phone: 478-836-4932
PowerBelt Bullets  Phone: (800) 376-4010
Precision Bullets  Phone: (903) 498-8451
Remington Arms Company Inc.   Phone: 1-501-676-3161
Rio Ammunition  Phone: 931.729.0880
RST  Phone: 570-553-1651
RUAG AMMOTEC USA Phone: 1-888-393-0694
SAFARI ARMS LTD. Phone: (516) 826-7516
Sierra Bullets  Phone: (660) 827-6300
Southwest Ammunition  Phone: 480 283-5884
Sporting Ammo  Phone: 1-(877) 376-8308
Superior Ammunition Phone: 1-800-677-8737
Swift Bullet Company Phone: 785-754-3959
WOLF Performance Ammunition Phone: (888) 757-WOLF (9653)
ZERO AMMUNITION CO. INC. Phone: 800-545-9376


Woodleigh Bullets Phone: +61 3 5457 2226

Kent Cartridge Phone: (800) 844-1880

Europe - CZ
Sellier & Bellot Phone: +420 317 891 111

Europe - ENGLAND
Gamebore Phone: +44-(0)-1482-223707
Hull Cartridge Company Phone: +44 (0) 1482 342756
Just Cartridges Phone: +44 0 1865 300066
KYNOCH AMMUNITION Phone: +44 (0)1638 711799


Europe - FRANCE

Europe - GERMANY
BRENNEKE GMBH   +49 (0) 511-97262-0, •Postfach 1646 D-30837 Langenhagen 

Europe - Spain

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