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Welcome to Hunting Navigator the best Hunting Directory on the web ** Everything you need to know about hunting, shooting, fishing and the outdoors ** You will find over 75,000 listings on from outfitters to equipment and gears ** For advertising information call us or email us
Adventure Unlimited
710 Buffalo St Suite 807 Corpus Christi , TX 78401  
Tel: 361.852.0537 
Afri-Bushveld Adventures
Int. Tel: +27 15 291 1065 
African Adventure
Allarpsvägen 150 295 91 Bromölla, SE 
Phone# 0470 30045 
Alberts Lowveld Safaris
P.O. Box 719, Tzaneen, 0850, Limpopo Province, South Africa 
Phone# +27 15 307 4917 
A-Murula Hunting Safaris
Post Net Suite 41 Private Bag x 20009, Garsfontein Pretoria, South Africa 0042  
Phone# +27 721107800 
Bishopstone Safaris
Box 6 Beitbridge Zimbabwe 
Tel: +263-86-22473 or +263-86-22495 
Brent Hein Safaris
Bvekenya Safaris
PO Box WGT 805 Harare Zimbabwe Africa 
Cellphone: Tél.  
Cape Town Hunting Safaris
Phone# +27-21-939 7750(Message) 
Chacma Safaris
Phone# Mobile: +27 82 575 6788 
Willem (Wim) van der Merwe  Blesbuck, Blesbuck - White, Bontebok, Bushbuck, Duiker - Common, Duiker - Blue, Duiker - Red, Eland - Cape, Gemsbuck, Giraffe, Hartebeest - Red, Impala, Klipspringer, Kudu, Kudu 60”, Lechwe, Nyala, Oribi, Rhebuck- grey/vaal, Lion - Male, Lion - Female, Elephant, White Rhino: Green hunt, White Rhino: Trophy hunt, Buffalo, Buffalo 40", Chacma Baboon, Bushpig, Jackal, Civet, Honey Badger, Ostrich, African Wildcat, Vervet Monkey , Caracal, Genet, Porkupine, Warthog, Serval, Crocodile, Leopard, Hippopotamus, Hyena Brown, Reedbuck - common, Reedbuck - mountain, Roan Antelope, Sable, Scimitar Oryx, Sharp's Grysbok, Springbuck - black, Springbuck - common, Springbuck - white, Springbuck - Copper, Steenbuck, Tsessebe, Waterbuck, Wildebeest - Black, Wildebeest -Blue, Zebra - Burchell's, Mountain Zebra, Suni Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Namibia hunting also 
Chinanga Safaris
75 Matopos Rd, Famona, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 
Tel/Fax:- +(263) 9 247021 
Chipitani Safaris
P.O.Box MP1313 Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe 
Tel/Fax +263 4 301 717  
David Tennent Hunting Safaris
P.O. Box 14113 Sinoville 0129 Pretoria South Africa  
International: +27 12 567 6090 
Doug Kok Safaris
P.O. Box 655 Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe 
Phone: 011 263 11221480 
DTH Safaris
P.O. Box 14113 Sinoville 0129 Pretoria South Africa  
International: +27 12 567 6090 
Eco Logical Safaris & Travel Africa
Ganyana Safaris
P. O. Box 31, Ascot, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 
Tel: 263 9 259 760  
Gariya Hunting & Photographic Safaris
P. O. Box FM102 Famona, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 
Phone# Tel: +263-9-79184/66915 
Global Sporting Safaris
228 Columbine Drive, Casper, WY 82604 USA 
TEL: (888)-850-4868  
HHK Safaris
P O Box CH273, Chisipite Harare Zimbabwe 
International:Tel: (263-4) 499165 or 499875 
HNI Safaris
P.O.Box 1508, Camarillo, CA. 93011 USA 
Rifle * Bow * Handgun  Plains Game, Big 5/ Big 6 per request Photography, Hunting Safaris in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe also 
Huntley Ferreira Safari's
PO Box 103, Alldays, 0909, South Africa 6070  
Phone# Huntley: +27 (0)82 828-5157  
Phone# Elna: +27 (0)82 772-0641  
Phone/Fax# Tel/Fax: +27 (0)14 767-1180 
Huntley Ferreira  Baboon, Blesbuck, Blesbuck (White), Bontebuck, Bush Pig, Bushbuck, Duiker (Blue), Duiker (Grey), Duiker (Red), Eland, Gemsbuck, Giraffe, Hartebeest (Red), Hyena, Impala, Jackal, Kudu (S.Greater), Lynx, Nyala, Reedbuck (Com.), Reedbuck (Mountain), Sable Antelope, Springbuck (Black), Springbuck (Com.), Springbuck (White), Steenbuck, Suni, Tsessebe, Warthog, Waterbuck, Wildebeest (Black), Wildebeest (Blue), Zebra (Burchel) Photographical safari's, Fishing, Botswana, Zambie and Zimbabwe hunts also 
Intu Safaris
309 Park Meadow Dr., Cary, NC 27519, USA  
Phone# (919) 290-2832 
Fax# (919) 363-2251 
  Blesbuck, Bushbuck, Buffalo (Cape Buffalo/ African Buffalo), Eland, Elephant, Gemsbuck (Oryx), Impala, Jackal (Black-backed Jackal), Klipspringer, Kudu (S.Greater), Leopard, Lion (African Lion), Reedbuck (Com.), Red Hartebeest, Sable Antelope, Springbuck (Black), Springbuck (Com.), Springbuck (White), Steenbuck, Warthog, Waterbuck, Wildebeest (Black), Wildebeest (Blue), Zebra (Burchell), Zebra (Mountain), Zebra (Hartmann's) Hunting in South Africa and Namibia also 
Inyathi Hunters
46 G. Silundika St & 3rd Avenue Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 
Tel/Fax: +263 9 70301 / 70085 / 78005 
John Sharp Safaris
22 Hoopoe Hollow Burnside Bulawayo Zimbabwe 
Telephone/Fax: ++263-9-243945 or 246620 
Kevin Thomas Safaris
P O Box 2701 Port Alfred 6170 South Africa 
TEL: +27 46 625 0201  
Khoisan Adventures
805 Turnberry Way, Niceville, Florida 32578 USA 
Phone# 850-897-5056 home 
Mobile# 850-582-1983 
Doyle Bruner  Big 6, plains game and wing shooting Botswana l Namibia l Mozambique l Tanzania l South Africa l Zambia l Zimbabwe l 
Kubusi Safaris
Phone# Shanklin Estates +27 43 683 1923 
Phone# Game Reserve +27 46 622 7723 
Mobile# +27 82 44 120 55 
James and Megan Williamson   Baboon, Blesbuck, Bontebok, Bushbuck, Bushpig, Cape Buffalo, Duiker-Blue, Duiker-Grey, Eland-Cape, Fallow Deer, Gemsbuck, Grysbuck-Cape, Hartebeest-Cape, Impala, Jackal, Kudu, Lechwe, Lynx (Caracal), Nyala, Oribi, Ostrich, Reedbuck-Common, Reedbuck-Mountain, Rhebuck-Vaal, Springbuck-Black, Springbuck-Common, Springbuck-Golden, Springbuck- White, Steenbuck, Warthog, Waterbuck, White Rhino, Wildebeest-Black, Wildebeest-Blue, Zebra *** BIG 5 in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and leopard hunts with hounds in Namibia ** > South Africa ** Namibia ** Zimbabwe ** We have good concessions in Mpumalanga and North West Province for Hippo, Crocodile, Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, White and Black Rhino and limited Leopard hunts. Our Lion hunting is done in the North West Province. This is a ranched hunt and is done ethically. ** We quote individually on the Big 5 as the prices change monthly <  
Kuche Safaris
Phone# 0027 (0) 84 702 7964 (mobile)  
Leopard's Valley Tygerkloof Safari's
Dave and Nikki Davenport 
Libertas Ranch, P.O.Box 23, Pearston, 5860, South Africa 
Tel:+ 27 (0) 42 246 1388  
Cell: + 27 (0) 82 774 7689 
Fax: +27 (0) 88 042 246 1388 
  Discount for HNI Members (HNI Partner) Blesbuck, Bontebok, Bushbuck, Bushpig (Bait and Dogs), Opportunistic, Cape Grysbuck, Buffalo, Cape Buffalo, Caracal (Lynx), Crocodile, Duiker, Eland, Fallow Deer, Gemsbuck, Giraffe, Grey Rhebuck (Vaal), Hippo, Impala, Klipspringer, Kudu, Leopard, Lion, Lioness, Red Lechwe, Rhino (Green Hunt), Rhino, Porcupine, Baboon, Monkey, Nyala, Ostrich, Hartebeest, Reedbuck, Sable, Springbuck, Steenbok, Warthog, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Zebra, Jackal, Genet, Aardwolf, Foxes, Springhare FREE ROAMING South African Lion Safari ** Fishing ** Wingshooting *Zimbabwe and Namibia also 
Martin Pieters Safaris
P.O BOX 1684 Bulawayo Zimbabwe 
Phone: +263 9 245783 
Mazunga Safaris
5 Duncan Road, Suburbs, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa 
Phone# +263 9 230054  
Mokore Safaris
7 Stable Close, Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe 
Tel: +263.4.883462 (Harare House) 
Ntshonalanga Safaris
Po Box 2377, Zwavelpoort 0036 Pretoria South Africa 
Phone# +27 (12) 809 0435 
Fax# +27 (86) 684 2556 
Peter Harris  Baboon, Black Springbuck, Blesbuck, Black Wildebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Blue Duiker, Bontebuck, Bushbuck, Bush Pig, Common Reedbuck, Eland, Fallow Deer, Gemsbuck, Grey Duiker, Grey Rhebuck, Grysbuck (Cape), Impala, Jackal, Klipspringer Namibia Hunting, Tanzania Hunting, South Africa Hunting, Zimbabwe Hunting 
Nyakasang Hunting Safaris
PO Box BW1322 Borrowdale Harare Zimbabwe 
Ph/Fax: +263-4-498359  
Out of Africa
P.O. Box 40, Maun, Botswana AFRICA 
Tel: +27 15 534 0231 – Camp 
Tel/USA: Cel: 630-546-6585 
Palala Game Farms
Phone# + 27 82 450 0501 
Phone Office # + 27 15 295 9038 
Fax# + 27 86 695 9901 
Rifle, Bow   African Wildcat, Baboon, Blesbuck (White), Bontebuck, Buffalo, Bushbuck, BushPig, Caracal, Civet, Crocodile, Duiker, Eland, Elephant, Gemsbuck (Oryx), Genet, Giraffe, Hartebeest (Red), Hippo, Honey Badger, Hyena, Impala, Jackal, Klipspringer, Kudu, Lechwe (Red), Leopard, Lion, Lioness, Nyala, Ostrich, Porcupine, Reedbuck (Common, Mountain), Rhino (Green Hunt also), Roan, Sable, Serval, Springbuck (Black, Copper,, White), Steenbuck, Tsessebe, Vervet Monkey, Warthog, Waterbuck, Wildebeest (Black, Blue), Zebra ** SPECIAL PACKAGES ** South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe (Fishing, Wingshooting) 
Pro Safaris Africa
P.O. BOX AC 577 Ascot. Bulawayo - ZIMBABWE 
Tel: +263 (9) 236 894 
Redberth Safaris
P.O. Box 246 BEITBRIDGE, Zimbabwe 
Tel / Fax : (263-14) 440 
Rosslyn Safaris
P.O. Box 9057 Hillside Bulawayo Zimbabwe 
Office Tel: +263-9-244155  
Safari Bound Southern Africa
Phone# Todd's Mobile: +27 82 419 7486  
Phone# Liezl's Mobile: +27 82 455 9573 
Todd & Liezl  Cape Buffalo, Baboon, Black Springbok, Black Wildebeest, Blesbok, Blue Duiker, Blue Wildebeest, Bontebok, Burchells Zebra, Bushpig, Cape Bushbuck, Cape Eland, Cape Grysbok, Common Reedbuck, Common Waterbuck, Eastern Cape Kudu, Gemsbok, Giraffe, Hyena, Jackal, Klipspringer, Lechwe, Limpopo Bushbuck, Livingstone Eland, Livingstone Suni, Lynx, Mountain Reedbuck, Nyala, Oribi, Ostrich, Red Duiker, Red Hartebeest, Sable, Sharpes Grysbok, Southern Bush Duiker, Southern Greater Kudu, Southern Impala, Steenbok, Tsessebe, Typical Springbok, Vaal Rhebok, Warthog, White Blessbok, White Springbok, Wingshooting Photographic Safaris and Tours, Fishing(Brown & Rainbow Trout), Horse Trails, Clay Sports Shooting, Golfing, Cultural Tours 
Safaris Africa
165 Thornbury Lane Powell, Ohio 43065 U.S.A. 
Tel: 614.848.8449 
Sebenani Trails
P.O. Box 157 Chiredzi Zimbabwe 
Cell: +263 11 410 539  
Senegal Chasse Safari
49, Route de Chauny - RN 32 - 02700 CONDREN 
Cellphone: Tél.  
Sentinel Limpopo Safaris
Phone# (706) 557-0407  
Shangwari Safaris
Postnet suite 291 Private Bag x 37 Lynwoodrif 0040, South Africa 
Phone: + 27 76 922 3715 \ +027 725753510  
Skyline Adventures
Box 116 Oakburn, Manitoba Canada R0J 1L0 
Phone: 204-859-3096  
Spiral Horn Hunting Safaris
P.O. Box 37 Shangani Zimbabwe 
Phone# +27 11 472-7711 / 7715 
Steyn & Caracal Safaris
P.O. Box 111 Beestekraal 0255 SOUTH AFRICA 
Tel/Fax: +27 12 277 2389 
Stormberg Elangeni Safaris
P.O. Box 53, MOLTENO, 5500, South Africa 
Phone# +27 45 969 0000 
Mobile# +27 82 578 2334 
Fax# +27 45 969 0011 
* Rifle *  Steenbok, Grey Duiker, Blue Duiker, Cape Grysbok, Impala, Bontebok, Cape Bushbuck, Nyala, Red Lechwe, Red Hartebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Common Waterbuck, Warthog, Bushpig, Burchells Zebra, Gemsbok, Cape Kudu, Eland, Cape Fox, Bat Eared Fox, Black Back Jackal, Caracal, Aardwolf, Genet, Bird Shooting Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe Hunting 
Swanepoel and Scandrol
2951 Marina Bay Blvd. Suite 130-369 League City, TX 77573 
T. Jeffrey Safari Company
4001 North Runway Drive #123 Tucson Arizona 85705  
Tel: (866) 470-0470  
P.O. Box 35, West Nicholson, Zimbabwe 
Phone# 263-16-318 
Two Waters Safaris
Tel: +27 41 365-1169 
Ultimate Lodge
Tel: 26391 2420 760 
Western Safaris
Telephone / Fax : +27 46 6227947  
Cell: +27 79 036 4787  
Cell:+27 82 550 5956 
Zindele Safari Company
Falcon College, Esigodini, Zimbabwe 
Mobile: +263 912 236 062 

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