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Adventure Unlimited
710 Buffalo St Suite 807 Corpus Christi , TX 78401  
Tel: 361.852.0537 
Camsaf Cameroun Safari
Tel:00 882 164 499 3786  
Club Faune
14, rue de Siam 75116 Paris France 
Tel: +331 42 88 31 32 
Coat Safari
Phone# +0033 2 97 51 68 42 
Michel Coatmellec/ Francoise Lidbetter  Elephant, Bongo, Sitatunga, Buffalo, Duikers: Yellow back, Black back stripe, Peter, Blue, BUSH PIG The area covers 75 000 ha with 150 km of trails; It is located 250 km South-East of Yaounde. 
Faro Safari Club
B.P. 10, Ngaoundéré CAMEROUN  
Tel: Mobile : 00 237 99 86 17 37 
Via Mezzavilla 34, 36011 Arsiero (Vicenza) Italy 
Tel. & Fax. +39.0445.740.403 (Italy) 
Tel. 00.871.761.696.145(Cameroun) 
Fax 00.871.761.696.146(Cameroun) 
P.H. Carlo Rizzotti  Elephant, Buffalo, Roan, Giant Eland, Lion, Hartebeest Major, Waterbuck, Hippopotamus, Bushbuck, many small gazzelles and varied species of birds It constitutes more than 75'000 hectares of savannah shrub, plateau , hills and several courses of water, including the Big River Benouè that borders with the National Park bearing the same name. 
Kuche Safaris
Phone# 0027 (0) 84 702 7964 (mobile)  
Mayo Oldiri Safaris
C/O MARITIME & HUNTING, S.L. • María de Molina, 5, 3rd • 28006 Madrid ( Spain ) 
Phone# (+34) 91 5 649 431 
Fax# (+34) 91 5 616 393 
Antonio Reguera   Bongo, Elephant, DWARF BUFFALO, BATE'S PYGMY ANTELOPE, BAY DUIKER, BLACK – FRONTED DUIKER, BLUE DUIKER, BUSH PIG, GABON DUIKER, GIANT FOREST HOG, PETER'S DUIKER, SITATUNGA In forest and savannah, "Mayo Oldiri Safaris" guarantees you hunting opportunities to shoot the animals you would be interested in. 
Phone# Cellular: (90) 5324135025 
Phone# 008821661102470 
P.H. B.Cem Canturk/ Hans Pieper   Lord Derby’s Eland, Western Roan, Western Buffalo, Western Hartebeest, Sing Sing Waterbuck, Western Kob, Harnessed Bush Buck, Nigerian Bohor Reedbuck, Common Oribi, Red River Hog, Wart Hog, Western Bush Duiker, Red Flanked Duiker, Baboon, Spotted Hyena, Civet, Serval, Forest Elephant, Bongo, Dwarf Forest Buffalo, Sitatunga, Giant Forest Hog, Red River Hog, Yellow Backed Duiker, Bay Duiker, Peters Duiker, Ogilby’s Duiker, Gabon Duiker, Red Fronted Duiker, Blue Duiker, Bates Pygmy Antelope Located in the Congo Basin which is the wettest spot in Africa, the "Self explanatory" Rain Forest hunting zone embraces giant trees, a unique plant life and an African rain forest specific fauna. 
Ndilla Safari
Tel: (00 237) 990 54 424 
Tel: Satellitaire: 00 87 176 414 298  
B.P. 1003 Garoua Børge Ladefoged Garoua Vestermarken 2 Cameroon  
Tel: +45 6227 2743 
Tel: Sat. phone: 008821667888407  
C/Ibiza,72 28009 Madrid -Spain 
Phone/Fax# +34 91 573 85 40  
Mobile# +34 606 342533 
Felix Barrado Zabas  Bongo, Elephant, DWARF BUFFALO, BATE'S PYGMY ANTELOPE, BAY DUIKER, BLACK – FRONTED DUIKER, BLUE DUIKER, BUSH PIG, GABON DUIKER, GIANT FOREST HOG, PETER'S DUIKER, SITATUNGA Tanzania*Cameroun*Our experience and knowledge of the concession put as in a good position to offer our clients exceptional results on their safaris 
Plesston Ranch Safaries
Box 683 Otiwarongo Namibia, Namibia 
Tel: 067 687 135 
Safaris Danay
Tel: France : 06 12 54 65 27 (20 Mai - 15 Octobre) 
Tel: Cameroun : 00 237 99 91 44 34 or 00 237 99 99 25 54 
SRollet safaris
Po Box 19186, The Village 1218 Nelspruit Afrique du Sud  
Tel: 06 62 19 08 47 / 0027 827 485 545  
Swanepoel and Scandrol
2951 Marina Bay Blvd. Suite 130-369 League City, TX 77573 
The Wild KingDom
Tel: 33.(0) 
Zindele Safari Company
Falcon College, Esigodini, Zimbabwe 
Mobile: +263 912 236 062 

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